Our Dream... From The Beginning. 

Mission Statement

Our Promise To You

Through Concerts, Musicals, Theater, Music, Circus, Burlesque, and more- 


We Create Original, Provocative and Passionate work with a Message

We Are Artists First who Serve the Art, the People, and Our Community

We Revive Art with a Message Powerful to Our World Today

We Ensure that Every Voice is Heard by Supporting Minority Artists

We Serve you the Full Bodied Experience, from Your Head to Your Toes.

For The Love Of Art.

-Cassie Nadeau

CEO / Founder / Artistic Director


About Our Mission

We crave more art full of passion, discovery, and great storytelling.


As a group of Women, LGBTQ, and Immigrants, we know the importance of hiring minorities. We hire Women, POC, all shapes and sizes, and people from all over the World.

We want to tell the stories that aren’t being told. We believe everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.


We want New Original Music.


We want Children and People in need to have a space for Art.


We need change.

Past Programs

What We Are Built On

“Kidz Muzik Program”
Starting in 2012 at Simcoe Hall Settlement House in Canada, Kidz Muzik was an educational program in a safe place for Children from Foster Homes, Orphanages, and Half-Way Houses to come and learn music after school. With classes on Singing, Choral Work, Drums, Guitar, Songwriting, and Performance - it continues in Canada today, and is funded by the Royal Bank of Canada. 

“Bits and Pieces: Writers Workshops”

Our writers workshops and classes have hosted such acclaimed artists as 

Jason Robert Brown (Parade, the Last Five Years, Bridges of Madison County),  

Judith Thompson (The Crackwalker, White Biting Dog, Lion in the Streets)

David Warrack (Composer; Canada Pops Orchestra) and more.

Leading writers both new and experienced through exercises, talk-backs, classes, and workshops to create valuable pieces of work. Some of the shows through this program have gone on to be produced in both Canada and the USA.

"Theater 20: Emerging Artists Program"

Teaming up with Colm Wilkinson and Adam Brazier in Toronto Canada, our Singers and Writers have worked in the Emerging Artists Program helping writers, composers, and Musical Theater creators

see their work through to fruition. 

“Rehabilitation Centers and Homes”

For over 10 years we have been working with Dementia and Alzheimer Units, using studies in Music and Art not only to entertain - but to help improve memory and mood. Live singers and instrumentalists perform for rooms of people, or solo at bedside for those in critical care. 

“Immigration Program: Free To Work”

This program ensures that we hire residents, permanent residents, and visa card holders for our performances. In a business where Immigrants constantly lose work due to their status, we hire wherever and whenever possible, and write and sign letters of work for Visa Status Renewal.





All of our shows are made by Artists. Help us Create more by becoming a Patron.


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